External Boundaries

The boundaries of the Sanctuary are as follows:

North Karnataka State boundary covering the area of Odanthode Malavaram, which is continuous with the Kottiyoor Reserve Forests up to Chavachithode of Coorg District.
East Wayanad District boundary up to the part where Chavachithode begins.
South Chavachimala covering North Western Portion of Kottiyoor Reserve Forests where Chavachithode joins at Cheenkannipuzha and then through the southern boundary of Odanthodemala and Aralam I & III Ranges up to Valayamchal where its trenches meet the eastern boundary of Central State Farm in the Western boundary of Aralam I &III Ranges.
West Eastern boundary of Central State Farm, Aralam and Western boundary of Adakkathode beat of Manathana Section.

Ecological Boundaries

The legal boundaries are not in consonance with the ecological boundaries of the sanctuary. There are extensive evergreen and semi-evergreen forest areas in the immediate vicinity of the sanctuary, which are not under protected area management.

The vested forest areas such as Chathiroormala and Neerkunnumala in the north and the remaining portion of Kottiyoor RF in the south, which are under the territorial jurisdiction of Kannur Forest Division, are equally or more rich in varied flora and fauna.

These natural forests in the north and south of the sanctuary’s legal boundaries need to be brought under the protected area management for serving the cause of wildlife conservation in a better way.

Internal Boundaries

The Sanctuary has been divided into three sections. The boundaries of these sections are given below:

Narikkadavu Section

North Urippukunnu-Kannadivechakunnu-State boundary (fire line).
South Cheenkannipuzha
East Meenmuttithode
West Central State Farm, Aralam (up to Urippukunnu).

Aralam Section

North Central State Farm and Interstate boundary (Karnataka).
South Urippukunnu-Kannadivechakunnu-State Boundary.
East Central State Farm, Aralam
West Central State Farm, Aralam (up to Urippukunnu).

Chavachi Section

North Interstate boundary
South Kottiyoor Reserve Forest
East Hill Dale RF, Wayanad
West Meenmuttithode