Total No. of trekking package

Total available days : 270 days

Total No. of trekking packages: 24 days (Ambalappara)

Total No. of trekking packages: 30 days (Meenmutty)

Day visit: 200 days /Year (Day Visits)

Monsoon camp : 4 days

Adventurous trekking to Ambalappara

Situation -- 25 Km away from Valayanchal

Altitude -- 1489 m alone M.S.L

Ambalappara is an area situated about 25 km away from Valayamchal, on hilly terrain about 1500 m above means sea level. This Alpine eco system is having century old dwarf shola vegetations and very good animal population.

About 6 tourists can be accommodated in a package for 3 days along with 5 Watchers/ Guides.

The trekkers will take one day to reach Ambalappara through tough terrines.

The accommodation for the tourists will be arranged in Ambalappara Watch Tower, constructed for the protection of the area.

As it is situated in the deep forest, this package is meant for tourists, who are adventurous and ready to take risks.

By enjoying the wildness and scenic beauty tourists can spend a complete day in the deep forest. On the 3rd day return journey starts. Sighting wild animals on the way depends how soft your foot steps are and how disciplined that you are.

Trekking to Meenmutty falls

Situation:- 14 Km away from Valayamchal

Meenmutty is a perennial water fall situated about 14 km away from Valayamchal, where the Asst. Wildlife Warden’s office situated. Trekking to Meenmutty enables the tourists to enjoying the scenic beauty of the rain forest, by enjoying the unpolluted air and water, by watching birds and butterflies which are endemic to the area.

One day stay in the Watch Tower at Meenmutty provides you calm and cool night sleep by hearing the music of nocturnals.

Day visit at Aralam Sanctuary

Tourists want to enjoy the fresh air and water of Aralam Rain forest can opt one day visit in Aralam Sanctuary. People can hire jeep for visiting Aralam Sanctuary. Day visit will be guided by EDC guides and visitors are permitted between 8 am to 4 pm. Advance booking can be done in Wildlife Warden’s office at Iritty or Asst. Wildlife Warden’s office at Valayamchal.

Day Visit in Aralam Sanctuary

Category Rupees (per day)
Adult 10 + 5 (EDC) / Each
Children (Below 12 years) 5 + 2 (EDC) / Each
Foreigners 100 + 50 (EDC) / Each
Vehicle (Heavy) 150
Vehicle (Light) 75 / Each
Vehicle (Others) 20
Guide 150
Video / Movie 150
Ordinary Camera 25

As per G.O (Rt) No. 609/05/F&WLD dated 11.11.2005